About Us

Business Development Support Provider

Sparks Consults is a Business Development Support Provider (BDSP) in Enugu-Nigeria, that provides a full range of enterprise development service covering Business Support, Business Advise and Technology Solutions to entrepreneurs to assist them understand their business environment, identify opportunities and challenges with their business, and devise strategies to undertake to grow and sustain their businesses.

At Sparks Consults, we strengthen entrepreneurial management skills through capacity building and training resources that foster adoption of good workplace practices in micro-, small and large enterprises. We support ICT startups and SMEs to start, run and grow sustainable businesses with focus on Strategies, Market Research and Incubation. Our service platform aims to launch viable startups that leverage ICT through the phases of pre- and post- product development and acceleration, including developing entrepreneurship and business management skills.

What We Do

We provide training programmes, mentoring, and business support to SMEs as well as networking opportunities, access to finance, co-working spaces and virtual offices. We aim to serve very crucial needs of entrepreneurs in the startup phase thus contributing to reducing the cost and responsibilities of business owners, while aiming to reduce the number of startups that fail within five years of business.

Our team comprise experts and professionals with extensive experience working with clients in sectors like retail, healthcare, agriculture, fashion, technology, professional services, energy and infrastructure. This has helped us build rich and valuable understanding of these markets, including their size, potentials, risks, regulation, and key stakeholders.

We complement our expertise by leveraging partnerships and our network of professionals to build a team of blended staff and use of ICT tools to implement our Programmes and services, and assist clients understand current and future business opportunities.


Our mission is to help reduce the number of startups that fail within the first five years of business by transforming founders through training, coaching and business support.


To create a network of entrepreneurs able to run an efficient, resilient and sustainable business.

Our Services

  • Business Formation
  • Business Support
  • Business Compliance
  • Business Writing
  • Sparks Academy
  • Business Coaching